Monday, 23 July 2012

Vests and Waistcoats for Men

Three classic vest/waistcoat patterns - I will be making Burda 7799.

A unisex pattern - loose fitting vest with trim variations
My father would like a vest, actually a waistcoat with lapels. So for a long time now we have both kept an eye out for suitable remnants and a pattern. The 'perfect' remnant has remained unfound but I have bought two patterns that would fit him - the Lincraft unisex vest and the Burda men's waistcoat.  The other two patterns are too small for him.

I've made the Lincraft view B as my trial garment using black sunsilky lining and a grey pinstripe fabric. Light as a feather to wear but too short said my father.

The completed vest.

Another vest, using the same pattern is now completed, with the front and back pieces lengthened by 6cm each.
Stretch cotton backing, lining - something slinky

Completed vest owned and modelled by my Father
 - notice the pattern lines up on each side.