Friday, 30 May 2014

New Look 6735

It is my intention to make each item (however unlike the illustrations on the pattern envelope - mine are unlikely to coordinate!)
1. Three quarter sleeve top
  • Interlock print
  • Serged seams
  • Twin needle hems
2. Panelled skirt
  • Serged seams and zigzag elastic casing
  • Twin needle hem (size 90 4mm)
3. Cardigan jacket
  • Serged seams
  • Twin needle hem
  • Stretch buttonhole


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Monday, 19 May 2014

Burda Start III 3197 variation

Another variation of the Burda Start 3197 pattern. This time with a warm skivvy type neck. The fabric has thin stripes of silver sparkle thread - hence the "dots" in the photo.

I used my overlocker to do all the seams and neck and the sewing machine and twin needle for the wrists and hem.

This fabric "suited" the twin needle and I had no need to put paper under the hemline. Adjusting the needle position two steps to the left, and having a stitch length of 2.6, tension 3.5 was enough to get perfect twin needle stitches all the way around.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Butterick Classics 6598

I have a collection of fabrics that I take out, look at and put away again - too chicken to cut and sew, not sure enough what to do with them. This top was made with one of those pieces - it was a big piece of fabric and I always thought I should make something "big" out of it to fully utilise it.

A year has probably gone by, and I chopped it. This Butterick 6598 top took about half of it.

I followed the pattern but made these modifications -
  • slightly widened the torso from the waist down
  • put slits in the side
  • put slits in the arm seam
These would have been unnecessary if the pattern had been my size or if I had remembered to cut the arms and sides a bit bigger in the first place!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Mary is Back

It has been a long time between posts, Mary has missed her time in the spotlight. There have been many items of clothing sewn in 2014, but none have been posted! A treasure trove awaits, well, maybe just some photos of clothes.