Saturday, 31 December 2011

Reflections of 2011

I sewed
thought about sewing
broke needles
rusted pins
bent pins
discovered sticky tape
found Mary
made some too big
made some too small
but overall
I enjoyed it all

Friday, 30 December 2011

Wrong life - Right patterns

Today I found many absolutely lovely Vogue patterns. And the dreams started - again. Lives where I could wear those clothes. Mmmm lives where I had time and the fabric to sew those clothes.

Pleasant dreams but will sell on Ebay to those who have more hope of living those dreams.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tank dress triumph

Sometimes you just get lucky. I had a stretch fabric remnant printed with ladies, some with parasols, some walking a dog, it has flowers and trees too. All in blue, cream and outlined in dark blue. I thought it might make a sleeveless top. Today I placed the pattern pieces from KwikSew2867 on it. There was about 34cm extra fabric length left so I measured it equally off the bottom of both pattern pieces and cut it out, adding another 1cm to the width at the hips.

I reinforced the shoulders with a strip of ribbon and overlocked it together. The armholes and neckline were then folded over about 1cm and sewn down with a straight stitch. The hem was roll hemmed using an overlocker.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Camisole test drive

Took the bias cut camisole from the Kwik Sew Lingerie book for a test wear yesterday.

  • shorten straps by a half to one centimetre
  • adjust sizing a tiny bit smaller
All in all it was comfortable, stayed on and I didn't notice I was wearing it. A success.

My third camisole (front view)

My third camisole (back view)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Overlocker woes

I changed the threads in the overlocker and began sewing a pale green camisole. The lower looper thread broke. Where oh where is my threader? That long piece of wire with the loop at the end had disappeared. I looked and searched, it is hiding still.

Bought another one today $4.00. But at least I will be able to thread the overlocker tomorrow and sew sew sew.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Giving it away

I've been collecting dreams. Patterns for clothing suitable for a life or lives I don't have. In a moment or two of common sense I list some on Etsy and now on Ebay.

Absolutely gorgeous dresses. Wouldn't it be lovely to say you are wearing a Christian Dior design. Oh yes.

A bias fact

I recently bought a Kwik Sew Lingerie book, complete with master patterns. It was a book I'd been looking for all year.

Having traced out the master patterns, I successfully sewed a camisole from a warm white self-striped fabric remnant. The camisole is to be cut on the bias if using woven fabric, which I did for the white fabric.

Next, I convinced myself that it would be alright if I cut one on the straight grain. The blue fabric has inbuilt creases running on the grain and I'd convinced myself that it would look wrong going diagonally when cut on the bias!

Now, the camisole cut on the straight grain from woven fabric fits but the shape of the top cup area is not nice, it does not curve around the body, it just sits there like two triangles. I'm hoping some steam pressing will make it look better.

Lesson: Remember, pattern book sometimes does know best!