Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chanel inspired jacket or dreams

Where do ideas come from? I'd like to make a Chanel cardigan jacket. Why? Why not?

This jacket took a long time to make. I first pinned then hand-basted the lining to the outer fabric at about 5cm intervals. Then I machine quilted the back, front and sleeve sections in a grid pattern. After assembling the jacket I overlocked the armholes, side seams and hem. To finish the neck and hem I made self fabric bias strips and hand sewed them over the seam edges to neaten it up.

My sewing machine and I somehow still managed to contort the fabric so the checks are not square across the back, however I doubt anyone much will be staring at me long enough to notice. A sewing machine with a walking foot/differential feed would make the quilting process easier.

It looks a bit old fashioned I think but is very comfortable to wear. The shoulders and upper arms are wide. I took the shoulders in about 2.5cm. If I find a suitable fabric I will make another jacket (different pattern) using the quilt the lining to the outer fabric method.

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