Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Burda 7799 waistcoat

Recently I crossed my fingers and toes and started on a new waistcoat for my Father. The Burda 7799 pattern is for an unlined vest/waistcoat with three variations. I am making the one with the notched collar and two welt pockets.

Fabric: paper taffeta with a silver zebra skin print for the front, paper taffeta in plain silver for the back and welts
Interfacing: lightweight non-woven iron on
Lining: grey/silver dance time satin (I think)

Progress notes
There were more than a few questions to answer before the pattern was cut.
  • Which way does a zebra skin run?
  • What is the most body flattering direction for the zebra print to run?
  • Which is the right side and which is the wrong side of each fabric?
  • Should I underline it?
  • Should I use the iron-on interfacing on the front vest to support the fabric and stop it fraying?
  • Why oh why did I use this easy fraying, easy snagging fabric?
Zebra fabric and metal shank button

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