Sunday, 13 November 2011

McCalls 2117 - an easy to make dress

I thought I had the fabric for this but my remnant was just not big enough, so its back to rummaging in my fabric stash for a bigger piece, preferably one I don't have to line.
Should be easy and cool to wear if only I can decide on the fabric!
Ok, I'm using a remnant I found yesterday, sort of a batik print. Once I'd washed and ironed it I saw the printing errors and very carefully positioned the pattern to avoid them (or so I thought). Cut it out and unfolded the front........ ooops one printing error line goes straight across the front. Perhaps it will look ok else I will have to add some ribbon or lace over it.

This pattern goes together quite quickly and easily. I made the knee length version with sleeves in size 12.

When I make it again these are some points I should recall:
* Use light-weight iron on interfacing for neck interfacing
* Remember to overlock the neck facing
* Do not overlock side seams until after I've tried it on (I really would have liked it to be a few millimetres wider across the thighs and seat area, but I'd overlocked all the excess seam off)
*Be really careful when placing the sleeve pattern tissue and cutting it out - one sleeve was perfect the other was somehow stretched or too big.
* On my body this dress definitely needs a split or two to make walking and sitting easier.

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