Sunday, 1 June 2014

T-shirts from Burda Start III 3197

I have made three t-shirts from the Burda 3197 pattern. Each one has a slight style variation, and each one fits slightly differently due to the differences in stretch of each fabric.
These t-shirts also mark my first attempts at twin needle stitching which did not go well until the last shirt. I have an old Janome 5700 and to get the twin needle to stitch with minimal skipping took a lot of trial and error.
The three settings that worked for me were - 
  • putting paper strips under the fabric and stitching through it
  • adjusting the needle position two steps to the left of centre
  • having a shorter stitch length of 2.8 instead of my usual 3 or 3.5
With those three settings in place I almost eliminated the skipped stitches that occurred previously.
Each t-shirt had to have the shoulders adjusted inwards by about 1cm. I did not use the facing provided in the original pattern. Instead applying a cowl type rectangle to the black top, folding over and stitching the neck of the purple top and applying a narrow band to the green top.
The seams are over-locked/serged. The sleeves of the green top were machine embroidered using large flower motifs.
I completely missed the indelible knit line when sewing the green top and it has not come out in the wash. So today I embroidered a line of stitching over it.

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